After hearing that Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara was the UK’s number 1 mascara, I thought it would definitely be worth giving it ago, especially as Benefit claim it will give you ‘beyond real’ lashes. The packaging is full of numerical and visual facts to prove their claim (94% people saw length and volume, 90% saw curl, 94% saw lift and 100% saw long wear) The bottle is sleek, although I was a little put off by the plastic wand with the rounded bristle tip. I began to apply the mascara, wiggling the wand at the roots and then brushing it though the length of my lashes. After my first attempt my lashes looked massive, although I think it might have got a little carried away as they were verging on clumpy. However, after a couple of attempts I can safely says that this mascara is really, really good, I can see a definite improvement in length, volume and curl and it’s long-lasting with no flaking or smudging. I also found that my lashes felt soft and supple and not rigid or stiff. If you like a thick mascara look then keeping on building until your heart’s content, if you like a more subtle look then build whilst the product is still wet. I would highly recommend this mascara an is well worthy of it’s number 1 ranking!




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