Dont get me wrong I love Tom Ford – the man is a visionary and almost everything he touches turns to gold. His fragrance range was so successful it didn’t take long for him to take his first foray into the world of beauty; items of which are super luxurious and vied for by many. I have tried many of his makeup products and the quality is exactly what you would aspect from Tom Ford, but unfortunately his only mascara, doesn’t cut the cloth! The Tom Ford Extreme Mascara packaging is of course sleek and chic, this is an item that would look lovely in your makeup bag, but of course that’s not enough. One of the first things I noticed when you undo the mascara and pull out the wand, is  that the tube doesn’t take off much product, which means the brush is left heavy with product. This wouldn’t be so much of a bad thing but unfortunately for me I found it very hard to apply; my lashes were getting clumpy very quickly. My usually trick is to curl lashes with my trusty Shu Uemura Curlers and then really rub the product into the roots of my lashes so you get heavy coverage at the base of the lashes and then gently fan out at the tip, however, with this mascara I found it very hard to manage. Sometimes with makeup products especially mascaras you have to almost get use to the product and many a time a something I would have originally deemed as not for me, would end up being my favourite thing, but this wasn’t to be for Tom Ford Extreme Mascara, the final nail in its coffin was the fact, it flaked after a couple of hours wear. There is nothing more annoying than a mascara that gives you dark circles half way through the day. What would I say in its favour? – well a friend of mine loves it and says it’s the most amazing mascara she’s tried, which goes to show – makeup is so individual, what doesnt work for somebody, will be a wonder product for somebody else.




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