Armani Eyes to KillI’ve tried a fair few mascara’s in my time and have generally found the more you pay for your beauty products the better they are. When it comes to beauty products Armani is up their with the best of them. Their foundations are second to none and they same goes for their mascara. Eyes To Kill is their current mascara that is available in four different variations; standard, lash stretching, waterproof and excess. One of the first things that I notice about this mascara is the quality and luxury of its container, (I tried the lash stretching) the tube is gold and feels heavy, almost like it’s made from a metal. When puling the wand from the tube you can feel how the tube takes off the product and I have to say this is one of the key factors to how a good mascara works. While having a great formula may seem like the key ingredient to a fabulous mascara, you cant’ forget the wand and the orifice that the wand comes from. If the mascara leaves too much product when it is pulled form the tube, you will get an instant case of seriously clumpy mascara. A great mascara should allow you to control your lash building, so you can apply as many coats until to you get the desired length and volume with no danger of looking ugly. This mascara has a wand that has one wide side, full of bristles and one that is smaller and flatter. This allows you to sue the wand to get the maximum and desired effect; using the smaller side to get close to the roots of the lash and the bigger to build up the main body of the lash. After curling my lashes, I applied a generous amount of the mascara to my lashes and found the wand comfortable to use. The mascara gave me good definition, volume and length to my lashes , which could have been kept subtle or built up for extra strength. I found the product stayed on my lashes and I didn’t get the dreaded flaking that can sometimes happen. Is it the most amazing mascara on the market? No but it is very good. Overall,  I would say that it is a good quality mascara, worthy of it’s £24.50 price tag from a really reputable beauty brand.

Armani eyes 2


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