Blue nail varnish has always been one of those touchy subjects. Much how people feel about white stilettos or dark roots. It’s just always been a no no for me. So I challenged myself to go in search of a blue nail varnish that didn’t make me feel like a rebellious 15 year old girl. I found three shades that were bang on trend and sophisticated. I went straight to the soft denim shades as these are shades that look great on all skin tones all ages. My absolute favourites are:

1) Chanel Blue Boy this is a dusky blue deep enough to make a grown up statement.

2) Essie Lapiz of Luxury this more of a Patel Wedgwood blue

3) Organic Glam in London one of my favourite brands right now. This nail polish contains no xxxxxxxxxxx and priced at £10.00 it’s an absolute bargain.

Using a pastel shade as a base ( I used Chanel Blue Boy – 2 coats) it’s easy to create a blue denim effect. Once the lighter shade is dry I sponge on (with a make up sponge) blending from the tip down, the darker polish. I used Organic Glam London. Then applied a good quality top coat.


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