In January 2012 Forever Youth Liberator, the Nobel prize winning, patented technology hit the shops with a bang. Instantly youthful, plump, firm skin as obtainable with a tiny drop of this amazing serum. Soon to follow was a whole skincare range that has proved to be a hit. So is the hype around Forever Light Creator just? We were lucky enough to try out this serum for 3 months and the results have been unbelievable.

I suffer from pigmentation and scarring on my face particularly around my nose. After 2 weeks of using the serum once a day under a light moisturiser I visibly noticed the scars and dark spots had faded some even disappeared. Much to my surprise though after a month of use people were telling me my skin looked amazing, poreless. I kept getting asked what foundation I had on when I wasn’t wearing any. For a long time I couldn’t think what it was. Over time Forever Light Creator had evened out the overall clarity and tone of my skin. So much so that I didn’t even need to wear foundation to have perfect skin.

Unlike Forever Youth Liberator the texture is non tacky and disappears instantly with contact of the skin. The serum is incredibly light with a pearl like consistency. YSL have done it again but have surpassed my expectations and taken serums to a whole new level.



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