FIX HSFIX is a beauty blog by two beauty professions; Mel, a make up artist and Teb, a nail artist both with a combined 10 years experience in the beauty industry.

As well working for major Cosmetics brands, we both have hands on experience of working with products and customers from the shop floor and through freelance work. This gives us a unique 360 view of the beauty industry and a good understanding and empathy for women’s beauty needs.

Being obsessed with beauty we noticed a huge gap in the market for people who love fashion but want the inside scoop on the catwalk beauty trends. We love looking and analysing runway looks, and are dedicated to reporting the who, what, where during the seasonal fashion week. We love to cascade our knowledge down, so we can translate catwalk beauty into easy, wearable looks. It’s not about patronizing people; were here to give out our industry insider tips and tricks.

Being the visual people we are we take inspiration not only from the catwalk but all aspects of life and try to include as many images on our blog as possible. By sharing what we love we hope to gently push women out of their comfort zones and into current trends. We have raised the bar and set a standard for the first true luxury beauty blog totally inspired by catwalk trends.

Contact us on 07763 681459 or  info@fixmakeup.co.uk


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